Friday, December 10, 2010

Week Thirteen

Hi folks,

Another week down. I can honestly say I am not seeing any signs of growth at all and the measurements are not changing.

This weeks results are:
Under bust: 30 inches
On bust: 34 inches

I've been taking the pills and using the cream at the same time each day. Avoiding caffeine where possible and trying my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Unfortunately, I have lent my card reader to my sister in law so I can't upload photos today.  

The BA Guinea Pig


  1. the same with me ... no change at all..i am sure it's a fake product

  2. Hello, I have a thought. I noticed that you said you were on the pill, and I was thinking this may be the reason, if it's not actually fake, that breast actives might not be working for you. Pills like Breast Actives are said to work by using herbs that create an estrogen like effect in the body, the pill also has estrogen. However, to prevent build up of tissue in the uterus, and unwanted breast growth, birth control also has progesterone. This, from my understanding, actually cancels out some affects of estrogen. Which might be why your breasts aren't showing any signs of growth.
    Just a thought. :]

  3. could the 18 years old use breast active?