Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ordering BA Online

The time has come to make the Breast Actives purchase!

I have ordered the product online from the website: which was the default website as I'm from Australia.

The website is pretty basic. There are a few testimonials, a brief "About Us" section, a brief "Ingredients" section and the all important "ORDER NOW" button! There doesn't seem to be anyone to contact until after the purchase has been made. Too bad, I was hoping to email someone about the packaging.

After clicking on the "ORDER NOW" button, I was directed to choose my package. I decided to buy the 6 month supply for $268.67 Australian Dollars. The 6 month package is advertised as the best value, claiming that the regular price is $450.99 and I'll be saving $134.00. Hmm...

Breast Actives can also be purchased in a 4 month supply for $201.49, 2 months for $123.11 and 1 month for $67.13.

After selecting a supply, I had to choose the shipping option. There is a choice between a rush delivery, which takes 2 - 6 days and costs $22.26 or standard shipping which takes 10 - 14 days at a cost of $14.49. Because I don't know where these products are coming from, I decided on the standard shipping. 

There was also an option to get shipping insurance with InsureShip for an additional cost of $3.99 (I'm not entirely sure if that amount is in Australian Dollars or American). I decided not to get shipping insurance.

There are a few payment methods you can use: through the Breast Actives website, Paypal or Amazon checkout. I selected Paypal.

After filling in my details, address and credit card details I was asked if I wanted to join the Breast Actives Combo Free Refill Program for only $49.94 meaning you can order additional pill and cream combos every 30 days for only the cost of shipping. Not bad, but I plan to finish using Breast Actives after 6 months. 

 The grand total for my Breast Actives was $283.16 Australian Dollars.

I was advised I would receive an email from:
confirming my purchase.

With my standard shipping option, I should receive Breast Actives on or around the 30th August.
Have I just flushed $283.16 down the toilet?

I guess time will tell!

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