Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Hi there.

If you're reading this then chances are you too are curious about the "natural breast enhancement" product Breast Actives. Me too! I've spent months and months researching the product simply because I am not happy with with the appearance of my breasts (and if truth be told, neither is my partner!)

I've spent hours and hours searching this product online. Reading blogs, forums and reading countless articles about natural enhancers but after all this research, I still feel none the wiser about the product. Does it work? Is it a scam? The testimonials on their website seem fake, and no one has any before and after pictures. Despite this, Breast Actives still seems to come up as the "number one natural breast enhancement product on the market". Is it?

That's where The BA Experiment blog comes in!

I think it's time that there is an honest and true review of this product from a real woman. I have decided to order the product myself and blog about the whole experience from purchase to end results. 

By the way, I have no affiliation with Breast Actives so you know that this is a genuine blog set up and written by a real, everyday woman looking to improve the size of her breasts using a natural breast enhancement product. :) 

I will be ordering the product shortly, so stay posted!

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  1. Did your package finally arrive? And if it did, how long did it take to arrive?