Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Breast Enhancement Surgery

Hi everyone,

I'm curious... how many of you have contemplated breast enhancement surgery?

If natural enhancers don't work for you, would you get a boob job?

Or are you against surgery? And if so, why?

I'd really love to hear what you think!

The BA Guinea Pig


  1. Hi as u know not all breast enhancement pills wrk the same for all. I've found to other pills that come highly recommended mamonite and naturmama u should check it out if ur interested. I know you probably feel how I do I just want to see results fast I hate waiting but will never know if it wrks if we don't finish. I gave that about s boob job but decided that wasn't for me because i don't Like the look of fake boobs it's so obvious to tell plus I would be worried if my body rejected the implants there just to many risks I think but I am not against it it's just not for everyone. Hope this helped

  2. I've never even considered implants, actually. Unlike other people, I'd actually enjoy the look of the fakes, but I'm just not comfortable with that fact: They're fake.. And they require upkeep. Too much trouble and extra money. (Plus, I'd probably be just as self-conscious about having implants, as I would be having small breasts in general..) I'd rather try out all the pills. :)