Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week Eight

Hello all,

Again, apologies for my late update. My life has been incredibly hectic of late.

Here's this weeks results:

On bust: 34 1/2 inches
Under bust: 31 1/2 inches

A slight decrease in size over the bust. I have been a little bit slack with using the cream this week so my boobs haven't been massaged. You can tell in the pictures that they look smaller also.

Have a look after the jump.

From the front:

From the side:

I'm curious to hear how you are going with BA. Are you seeing results?

The BA Guinea Pig


  1. Hi sry to hear ur results have changed to much even decreased, fortunately I am doing great I ve been doing ba for 6 weeks not included the weeks off, and I am my breast have filled in they also were a bit spaced out but that has changed also the over all appearance is great they are diffenitily fuller I hope the next thing is that I go up at Least half a cup or a full cup. ( I am currently a full b cup want to be a c cup) I ve also had a baby 7 mos ago. Anyone else on ba have kids??

  2. I started about a month ago and started seeing results immediately (they were mainly just filling out), and they were sore for like 2-3 weeks. But towards the end of the month, even though I was using the cream and taking the pills pretty regularly, I just stopped seeing results and they stopped being sore. Is this supposed to happen? Does BA kick in and out of gear like that?

    Also, any idea why we have to take the pills with meals? I missed doing that a couple times and ended up taking them a couple hours after I ate -- maybe this is what stopped my progress.

  3. hey! I'm currently taking Breast Active. But I order it from Amazon, so I don't have the instructions. So please tell me...when you take the pills do you take them together after one meal? or do you take one in the morning with one meal and then another in the afternoon or night after your meal. And what about the cream...I know it says apply once but some people in different websites said that it should be use twice per day. So?

  4. Zodiakustar, I had the same problem. It actually IS supposed to kick in an out of gear. Growth shows for about 3 weeks, then ceases for one or two, then starts appearing again. At least, that's what I've heard. But I took them for 3 months, and the first 3 weeks was the only time I has any growth. It basically stopped for me after that.. The meals and water are simply to help ease indigestion. People who take them plain, tend to complain about gas.. :P

    Auriarincon, there isn't very good instructions even from the website itself. I think it would be best to take one in the morning, one at night(Websites tend to recommend this with their own herbal pills). Then it will more likely work throughout the entire time period. If you think you have enough cream, there's absolutely no harm in applying it twice, especially if you happen to shower twice a day as well.. Lol.