Friday, September 10, 2010

BA is here!

Exciting news! 
My 6 month supply of Breast Actives arrived yesterday morning!

I was eager to open the package and check out what was included in the shipment and I managed to snap some pictures too!

Here is my package. It is discrete, no mention of breasts or breast enhancement or even Health Buy so that is good!
I did notice this sticker which claims the value of the product is $10.00! How interesting! Can you refund the rest of my money then please?!
This is everything that was included in my package. There are six Breast Active boxes, an invoice and a 20% off flier for something or other - haven't I given these people enough of my money yet?!
And here we are, inside the all important Breast Actives box! There is a bottle of pills (one month supply),  breast cream and a booklet.The booklet is quite thick and I assumed it was going to tell me how to use the product, some do's and don't, some massage tips and how to contact Health Buy for support. Turns out the booklet is essentially useless. It contains some information on massage (which is the same as the information available online in the "Members Area" which I was given access too after my purchase). The rest of the booklet is filled with useless information about types of bras: sports bras, bridal bras, sexy bras etc as well as information on breast enhancement hypnosis and a few other breast related topics.  I can't believe I have 6 of these useless little booklets! 
Now it is officially time for The Breast Actives Experiment to start!

The BA Guinea Pig

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