Friday, September 10, 2010

Day One

Time to begin The BA Experiment!

So how will I do this?
I will measure my bust every week to record any changes and post my results on the blog. I will also take pictures for comparison each week.

First things first, some information about me:
I am 23 years old and a non smoker. I am currently taking an oral contraceptive.
I currently wear a 12B (34B) bra.
My bust measurements are:
Under bust: 30 inches / 76cm
On bust: 34 inches / 88cm
My left breast is slightly bigger than my right one (but I am right handed).

I hope to achieve a larger cup size while on Breast Actives.

My Day One pictures and first impressions of Breast Actives can be viewed after the jump.

From the front.

From the side.
(Pictures were taken in natural lighting.)

After taking the measurements and pictures, I began using the Breast Active pills and cream.

The pills have a strong herbal smell. I find it a little hard to describe... it is strong but not horrible. The pills have a faint fennel smell. I took two pills with some water just after lunch. There was a herbal aftertaste for a minute or so, but then it went away.

The cream on the other hand doesn't really smell like anything.
I applied a small amount of cream to each breast and massaged it in in a clockwise motion on my right breast and an anticlockwise motion on my left. I massaged the breasts until the cream was absorbed which didn't take long at all. 

So far no side effects. Fingers crossed!

The BA Guinea Pig

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