Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Double Dosage

I've been doing some more research into breast enhancement pills online (thanks to online forum www.breastnexus.com).

I read somewhere on the forum that the dosage of herbs per pill is too weak and taking the two pills daily does not provide the body with enough herbal goodness after it is all broken down by the liver. So the forum suggested doubling pill intake a day (from two pills to four) which would then supposedly provide the body with an adequate amount of herbs in order to register any change.

I was thinking about doubling my intake but was curious to know what you all thought. Should I purely stick with taking the two pills daily and hope for the best or should I experiment and double up and hope my body takes to the extra herbs? Have you or someone you know doubled their intake and seen results?

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The BA Guinea Pig


  1. Hello,I ve done some research myself in searching the web and come across many sites about breast enhancement pills that don't recommend taking more then prescribed because then there's a higher chance for side affects. Especialy since ba has alot of natural ingredients in it maybe you should wait another week and c what happens before you try that I will also look into that site you listed to c what it says

  2. I don't think it's a good idea. Look at it this way: if it were good for you, then BA would probably already recommend it because that would mean you would have to buy twice the amount for the best results and they would make tons more money. Companies are always looking to make more money. So if they aren't doing that and instead recommend two a day, that's probably because it'd be dangerous to take more.

  3. If you took 4 you'd be taking 4 times the daily vitamin E dosage. If you look at the bottle it already says 200%. There's people who claimed to do better, but .. it's all juggling. I truthfully thought it over myself when no results happened, but I didn't want to overdose (on what is typically though of as healthy).. The two above me have an even better point though. :P

  4. I know this blog has been inactive for a while but on some off chance you're thumbing through like me, I wanted to make a comment.
    I am not double dosing the pills however I do apply the cream in the morning and night. I'm also documenting my experience with BA. Check out my blog: http://breastactivesmyjourney.blogspot.com. Happy Growing :)