Monday, October 4, 2010

Week Three

Hi everyone!

I just logged on this morning and found LOTS of lovely comments! 
I can't express how happy it makes me feel knowing that some of my small busted sisters (who are wonderful and gorgeous just the way they are) have found this blog and are not only following along but also posting comments! Whoo hoo! Thank you so much!

While I have been reply to the messages, I think they are getting lost in cyber space. One comment asked about weight gain and I have to say I have put on a little big of weight in the last few weeks but I'm not sure if it is due to BA or just the amount of unhealthy snacking I have been doing for the last week and a bit (I'm terrible I know!)

Now down to business. I admit I have been a little slack the last week with applying the cream and taking the pills at the same time during the day. I will get back on track as of today (naughty me!)

My measurements are:
Under bust: 30 1/2
On bust: 34 1/2

So no difference from last week, and I haven't noticed any visible changes this week only a mild ache from time to time but it is very infrequent and causes no discomfort. 

My Week Three photos can be found after the jump. :)

From the front:
(Is it just me or is my left nipple starting to point up slightly?)

From the side:

Again I apologize for the lack of consistency in lighting/general photo quality for the photos each week. At the moment I'm finding it hard to take topless shots in natural daylight in a shared environment! Hopefully these circumstances will change in a few weeks.

Well, that's it for another week. Stay tuned!

The BA Guinea Pig

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