Monday, October 18, 2010

Week Five

Hello everyone,

Apologies for not posting on Friday, I ended up having a very busy day!
This week I took a break from taking Breast Active pills, as suggested by one of my lovely followers. I have continued using the cream though and I will resume taking the pills as of today :)

Time for this weeks results:

Under bust: 31 1/2 inches
On bust: 35 inches

No noticeable changes this week.

Check out my week five pictures after the jump :)

From the front:

From the side:

What do you think? Any change?


  1. i finished my first bottle and this will be week five .... is it recommended to stop taking it for a week?????
    but till now noooooooo change at all...still the same size and no change in it

  2. Guinea,

    Are you taking both pills at once with your meal or are you taking one in the morning and the other at night? Also, I am not sure if you recieved my message from the other blog but did you purchase you pills from Amazon or the actual site. Can you post the excercises and/or massages from the member site. I purchased a month supply from Amazon but did not get anything about a member site. It seems as if the results are good for you and you have been only using the product for a month. What is your routine?


  3. Have you considered the NB? I'm going back and forth on whether I believe it works or not. I'd feel like an idiot doing it though.

  4. Guinea,
    should i take both pills at once or one in morning and one at night ???

  5. I'm pretty sure she takes them both during one meal: Dinner if I remember right? I personally did best when taking one when I woke up and one before I went to sleep. It spreads out the dosage. I finished my entire supply, minus 4 pills because I got lazy when I noticed nothing new was happening. It's been about 5 days since then and I'm growing more now than I was when I was taking the pills. Either I took the pills too early in my life (18 years old) or the one week break is more effective than one would think..

    Guinea, after all the researching you've done, you probably know this already but I'll say it anyway. 3 weeks on BA, and 1 week off. Repeat. :3 And you've single-handedly inspired me to create my own blog for Breast Success once I start taking it. :D People deserve to hear these things from honest people.

  6. thanks Graywolf :)
    tell me more about your experince with BA ...i have been taking it for month and half and no result :(....i consume caffeine

  7. 5 weeks and 3 days for me. Still experiencing a little aching and tingling periodically however nothing startling going on.

  8. Sarah, I took the pills for 3 whole months. There was a small increase in the beginning (not more than 1/2 inch) -- the first week or two, but then all progress stopped. I started gaining my own weight and some of it is transferring where I want it to (my bust). :P One cup a day of caffeine should be fine but anymore may be hindering progress.

    Also, I bought and am beginning my Breast Success trial. Turns out they are 5 months out of date, but they're in plastic tablets so they probably hold up better.

  9. BA didn't work for me and i am afraid of trying another thing and fail again :(:(:(
    please inform us if anything works with u