Friday, October 8, 2010

Week Four

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well. I've just returned from camping looking (and feeling) very sunburnt! Ouch!
Thank you all for writing some comments regarding doubling the dosage. You all made some valid points and I have decided to continue the program the way it is... so just two pills a day! 

Time for this weeks results:

Under bust: 31 1/2 inches
On bust: 35 inches

They certainly feel a bit bigger to me, but my boyfriend hasn't made any comments yet!

Check out my week four pictures after the jump :)

From the front:

From the side:

 Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh wow I can see a difference they look perkier and fuller . I was looking on this site about tips on how to be more successful on ba and one of the tips was to take the pill for 3 weeks then for 4 week don't take it then after the 4th week passes do it all over again. What do u think? Have u tried this? I ask because I am almost coming up to my 4 th week and I not sure if to continue doing the same or take one week of.....

  2. i am about to finish my first bottle and creme ...didn't miss a day without taking the pills and massage with creme and nooooooooo result at alllll
    ...i dunno why ???
    are u taking the two pills together or one at morning and the another in night???